3 Modern Furniture Trends to Update Your Home

3 Modern Furniture Trends to Update Your Home


The global furniture market’s on the rise, as it’ll grow $113.61 billion in the next four years alone. Evolving trends like modern furniture are a huge reason for that.

Decorating your home’s no small task and it can feel daunting at first. Why?

Homes not only provide stability and comfort, but they’re a unique expression of you. Having the right modern furniture is a great way to keep up with the latest trends while sporting your tastes.

Beyond the aesthetic, modern furniture has a history. It’s known for its character and simultaneous elegance.

If you’re looking for that chic modern furniture vibe, you’re in the right place. Here’s what to know.

What Is Modern Furniture?

Modern furniture’s a paradox. It stays current and hip by paying homage to the past. It’s a past and present fusion.

In the late 19th century, furniture took on influences from the modernism era. It introduced evolved materials like steel, plastic, and plywood.

Its historical influences are evident still, as all modern furniture exudes comfort, function, and the highest aesthetic.

If you want to spruce up your home with some modern furniture, follow these top three trends.

1. Bold Walls

While modern furniture has an aspect of simplicity, it doesn’t skimp on bold. Whether you pair a daring wallpaper with an understated wood furniture set or paint your walls a deep, dark blue, let your choices work together.

Mid-century modern furniture’s about the furniture as much as how you pair it with your space. Choose colors that improve your mood or express your sense of home.

2. Textures and Accents

Like art, modern furniture can be minimalistic or nuanced. If you have wood-paneled walls, consider metal furniture to complement it. Contrasting textures in modern furniture act complementarily.

If you struggle to limit your options, think about a modern outdoor furniture kit. Modern patio furniture can be an extension of your indoor expression.

If you need mid-century modern furniture ideas, you can find inspiration from designers like George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen, and Harry Bertoia.

When infusing design into your space, why not gain inspiration from the creators themselves?

3. Modern Plus Vintage

Modern furniture’s known for its shapes and materials. Take advantage of its bold expression with a statement piece!

Statement pieces give folks a focal point. Once you have yours, you can decorate around it. Experience how modern furniture stores stage their furniture to find out which style resonates for you.

Make It Modern

Whether you’re taking Marie Kondo’s decluttering advice or looking for a bold switch-up, modern furniture is the way to go. It’s timeless, unique, and different. Since your home’s an expression of you, why not let your space reflect all your nuances too?

Modern furniture’s not about buying more stuff. It’s about tasteful, elegant, and artistic choices. The history of modern furniture shows that not only is it all the rage, but there’s something in it for everyone.

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