5 Major Benefits of Adding Hardscaping to Your Yard

5 Major Benefits of Adding Hardscaping to Your Yard

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What is hardscaping? Very simply, hardscaping forms part of landscaping. It is the placement of non-living objects in your garden. Examples of these objects are rocks, bricks, pavers, patio covers, pergolas, decks, and any other man-made structures.

Did you know that the demand for hardscaping in the US is expected to rise by 5.6% per year to reach $3.5 billion in 2021? The trend in landscaping is leaning towards the hardscaping of wide-open spaces. This is done by strategically placing objects around the yard.

5 Hardscaping Benefits

Including hardscaping to your garden design adds both beauty and privacy to your home. Let’s look at 5 major benefits below.

1. Add Privacy to Your Yard

Of course, the most common and quick way to privacy is to add a fence or stone wall. This will give you an instant private yard. Alternatively, you could strategically place lattice fencing built into a gazebo or pergola.

If you are not one for harsh straight-lined walls, there are alternative ways with hardscape. A boundary wall built by dotting boulders interspersed with pampas grasses can create a flowing private area.

2. Living Area Expansion

When entertaining family and friends, it always tends to spill out onto the outdoor entertainment area. Thus, the addition of pergolas, patios, and an outdoor kitchen will help you provide more space and make it more comfortable for your guest.

You can also take advantage of this space. You can sit and relax under your pergola in the summer sunshine or purely sit under the shade of the patio to read or work quietly on your project of the day!

Why not look at the professionals to help you with your after event transportation needs? They will work together with you to personalize your transport needs.

3. Adding Beauty to Your Landscaping

Creating focal points with hardscaping adds beauty to your landscaping. You can create ambiance by adding fire pits, barbeques, outdoor seating, and lighting to your yard.

You can use boulders, ponds, stone pathways, gravel, and much more to make a magical and individualized outdoor yard.

4. Flowing Traffic

Give your visitors the chance to enjoy your yard and garden. Give them a different perspective of your yard by building hardscape pathways. Even better if you scatter seating areas along the way.

Combine this type of hardscaping to your landscape to enhance your yard. This will give you beautiful and relaxing surroundings in your yard to enjoy.

5. Adds Value to Your Property

Enhancing your yard with hardscaping features will up the value of your property.

A property’s value is mostly determined by its square footage of living space. If you add a deck to your house, this increases the area. Enhancing a patio with hardscaping will increase the value of your property.

The added advantage of hardscape areas is that they require less maintenance and last longer; this is also an attractive feature to the prospective home buyer.

Let’s Get Hardscaping

It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to zhuzh up your yard. Using hardscaping elements can be fun.

So, with good planning, you can add ambiance to any yard, no matter what condition it is in before the project. You do not have to spend a fortune; a little can go a long way.

Are you ready for a different landscape technique? Contact a landscaping professional today and add beauty and functionality to your yard. You will also be adding to the value of your property.

The results will be something you will be proud to show off! Search our page for additional ideas on improving your home and lifestyle.

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