5 must read tips before deciding your bathroom tiles

5 must read tips before deciding your bathroom tiles

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In today’s shopping environment, it has never been easier to find a vast variety of tiles in different materials and sizes. You have to choose what will suit your bathroom style, space and design, in order to choose right read the tips below.

Big or small tile units?

Tiles sizes always vary, you can always find giant tile units that may reach a meter long and small tile units, if your bathroom is small then don’t use these giant tile units because you will get a lot of cut offs which will lead to tile waste, but that doesn’t mean that the large and medium sized tiles are not good, if your bathroom is big then you can use the square or rectangle tiles with patterns that which will give you style.

Which tile colours to use?

General rule: when the space is tight the colour is light.

If your bathroom is small then don’t use dark tile colours, the light colour makes an impact in small bathrooms as it is going to give you the feel of calm and clean, also as we agreed before it will give you the illusion of more space, examples of light colours: white, cream, oak and light grey.

If you are into dark colours more then we can’t take that from you, you can always mix between dark and light colours, for example: you can use a mixture between black and white but with ratios like 1:3 black and 2:3 white.

Plain is boring, what about patterns?

Do it in a smart way, if your bathroom is small and you want to keep the eyes off the ground then you can do some wall patterned tiles to create the illusion of space, patterned tiles always work more in small bathrooms because you may not be able to do some decorations so decorating your wall maybe the smartest idea, just be careful while choosing the patterned tiles so you won’t be bored one day so you have to choose the style that you can stay with for years and years.

Tiles and lighting

Lighting always play big role in highlighting every single detail, so if you want certain type of lighting and you feel like this kind of lighting will make your bathroom looks small then you can make it up with choosing the tiles, glossy, glass or mirror finish tiles allow the light to be reflected all over the room and make it shine.

Don’t make your bathroom stuffy

Sometimes bathrooms look stuffy which gives an unpleasant feeling, so here is a tip: try to choose the same tile for wall and floor to give the feeling of spaciousness.

You have to mix and match between tiles, painting and lighting to do the best for your bathroom, these simple tips are very important if you are not willing to renovate it or change it again for years.

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