5 Things You Should Know About Brick Repair

5 Things You Should Know About Brick Repair

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Are you worried your bricks need repairing? You’re probably right. But don’t worry, help is on its way!

To keep your brickwork in top condition, you need to put in some care. It’s not only important to keep your brickwork looking good, but also to be structurally sound. Here are five things you must remember about brick repair.

1. Check Your Rainwater Equipment When Assessing Brick Repair

When assessing the necessity for brick and masonry repair, check for faulty rainwater equipment running on top of your brickwork. A faulty or leaking drainage system may be the cause of unwanted water spilling down and causing damage to your bricks.

Consistent water damage may cause old bricks to crumble and dampen. The structural integrity of the bricks may become compromised and moisture damage may become a risk.

2. If Your Bricks are Crumbling, They Need Repairing

Are your bricks crumbling? Don’t ignore it. Fix it.

Crumbling or spalling bricks is a sign of serious damage and your structure may be unsound.

Having a structurally unsound property could put you in violation of Nashville Metro Codes Administration. Make sure you’re not in violation and keep your walls structurally sound for the safety of you and those around you.

3. Do You Have Internal or External Damp Patches on Your Brickwork?

Visible patches of accumulated moisture on your masonry or brickwork suggest they need repair.

Moisture coming through the bricks is not only a sign of a compromised structure but also poses the threat of potential moisture damage to the inside of your household.

Don’t risk it. Repair your bricks before the damage gets worse.

4. Cracks Are a Red Flag

Obvious, right? Bricks are often load-bearing and serve important structural purposes to a household, so don’t risk using cracked bricks. It could mean your brickwork isn’t structurally sound or safe.

Unreinforced masonry walls are extremely dangerous. Don’t put yourself and those around you at risk. You need to repair cracked bricks.

Plus, for brickwork which isn’t load-bearing, don’t you want it to look good?

5. Loose Bricks Are Unsafe

Brickwork should look slick and impressive. No gaps. No loose bricks.

We know that quality is everything when it comes to brickwork and masonry, from an aesthetic and structural perspective. Loose bricks don’t only look terrible, but are a health and safety hazard.

Loose bricks aren’t only dangerous because they can fall and hit someone, but are also indicators of a structurally unsafe wall. Repair your unsafe brickwork.

If your bricks are loose, cracking, or have other signs of deterioration discussed in this article, don’t be shy about doing a search to find a “brick mason near me.”

Don’t Risk It, Repair Your Bricks

We at Nashville Bricks Masonry Contractors take pride in constructing the highest quality brickwork, to give you not only a great looking product, but the peace of mind of safety. It’s our expertise to build and repair bricks and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Do any of the above signs apply to your brickwork? Don’t risk it, repair your bricks.

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