7 Warning Signs You Need an AC Repair

7 Warning Signs You Need an AC Repair


Are you wondering if you need a new air conditioner?

Hot summer days can make it difficult to relax or concentrate even in your own home. Many households have adapted an air conditioning system to keep cool during summer. However, many families neglect to give their air conditioners the proper care.

Air conditioning can breakdown, whether it’s old or lacking proper maintenance. Not looking to invest in a new air conditioner? Most of us have no way to know the common air conditioner problems, so we rely on AC repair.

These are the seven signs that your air conditioner may not be in the best condition. Read on to discovers signs that your air conditioner needs home AC repair.

1. It Blows Warm or Hot Air

Warm and hot air is something to look forward to after the winter season. If you’re trying to cool off, but instead, you feel the hot air in a supposed cool room, it’s sure to piss you off. If your air conditioning blows hot or warm air, it’s an immediate sign that your AC is not working as it should.

When your AC produces hot air instead of cool air, its compressor may be sustaining damages. You need to consult a home AC repair service to get it fixed. If you’re familiar with the inner working of an ac, fixing it yourself is also an option.

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2. Poor Airflow

If your AC is producing cool air, but it takes a long time to cool the room, this is a sign of poor airflow. This is one of the common signs that your AC is not working well. When this happens, it means that there’s a clog in your air filters or something worse.

There are many reasons why this air conditioning will have poor airflow. One reason is your air conditioner might have too much refrigerant, or the air filters are too dirty.

Consider getting a professional for your AC repair. This will spare you the problem in the coming hot season and keep you cool and relax.

3. Constant On and Off-Cycle

Your air conditioner goes through a routine of a cooling cycle. This way, it makes sure to work on the hottest of summer days. If it fails, you can expect your AC will have problems that will make you uncomfortable when you need it the most.

When your AC goes through a constant on and off-cycle, this is a sign that it’s not working well. This happens because of damaged parts, or your AC is ten years old or older. Like any appliance, you can expect it to show some complications from time to time.

One of the complications it can do is constant on and off-cycle or poor airflow. This will also make it less efficient and increase your electricity bill. When that happens, AC repair is not enough to fix it, and consider replacing your unit is the only option.

4. Produces Humid Air

The main function of your air conditioner is to cool your home and work as a humidifier. It’s normal to feel sticky because of the humid summer air when you’re outdoors. However, feeling sticky inside your home may be a sign that your AC isn’t working well.

Your AC moderates the humidity levels and keeps them in a comfortable range. When there are leaks or excess water near your unit, this will cause mold growth. This will make the room humid and also cause many different problems.

What you need is to get a service to perform preventive maintenance. This will diagnose your unit and will help determine what solution you will need.

5. Water Leaks

Your air conditioning relies on a refrigerant and produces a form of condensation. These liquids will accumulate and may cause water leaks in your home. When your AC produces that leaks, consider it a sign that your ac is not working well.

These leaks happen because of blocked air filters, excessive dirt, and debris. Poor drainage design may also contribute to this issue. There are times the leak is a freon refrigerant, the cooling agent that your ac uses.

Freon refrigerant is poisonous, so it’s imperative to call a home AC repair service. Although freon refrigerant leak is rare, it’s still better to get the leak fixed as early as possible. This will give you less worry about the possibility that your AC will break down.

6. Scent with Bad Odors

No one likes a hot room with a humid sock-like smell. This can happen to your AC unit, so if you smell any unpleasant scent or odor in the room. If the smell is suspicious and may seem related to electrical issues, that’s more reason not to ignore it.

The stagnant smell comes from the water that is not drained from your AC unit. It causes an uncomfortable smell and is a clear sign that your ac is not working well. This happens because of molds or microbial growth in the ducts of our air conditioner.

7. Produces Strange Noises

Any strange loud noises on our appliance are something you should not ignore. If you hear banging noises in your AC unit, there are chances that there is a broken part. While hearing a sound like squeaking should mean that there is a part that’s malfunctioning.

When you notice this kind of strange noise from your AC, this means that it needs some repair. A professional tune-up is necessary. This ensures that your air conditioner is working at peak performance.

Call for an AC Repair Today!

Knowing AC repairs is not everyone’s expertise. However, knowing the signs that your AC has a problem is within our ability. Watch out for these signs mentioned so when it happens to your AC unit, you can call for help immediately.

Thanks for reading our article! AC maintenance is only a single part of maintaining your home. If you’re looking for some more home maintenance tips, check out our other guides!

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