9 Unique Bedroom Design Styles You Will Love

9 Unique Bedroom Design Styles You Will Love

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The most popular bedroom style these days are considered to be contemporary design styles.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is possible for your bedroom design.

With so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Let’s take a look at nine unique bedroom design styles that might suit you and your home.

1. Minimalist

If you are a person that likes simplicity, clean lines, and a restrained palette, a minimalist bedroom might be for you.

In a minimalist bedroom, each piece is chosen very carefully. With the style, you might consider adding a few bold accents to ensure that the space is interesting as opposed to mundane.

Just because you are employing the interior design style of minimalism, does not mean that your room must be boring. On the contrary, this is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate luxurious textures in your furnishings and even on your walls.

If it is important to you that each of your objects is chosen deliberately and that they have the space to be showcased, you might consider a minimalist design. This is also a reasonable design style to choose if you have a very small bedroom.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary design is often confused with modern design, however, they are not exactly the same.

Contemporary design focuses on smooth surfaces and clean lines. Furniture tends to be round and soft rather than containing the harsh edges that are found in modern designs.

You’ll find that incorporating neutral shades is essential in contemporary design. In this type of interior design, there is a conscientiousness around texture, a small amount of ornamentation, high definition, and simplicity.

This can be a safe bet for any bedroom, including the master bedroom. If you are looking for more master bedroom ideas, check out www.visionbedding.com.

3. Traditional

If many of the types of interior design styles that are more contemporary are not up your alley, you might be interested in the traditional design style. This style is anchored in the past and embraces symmetry, rich colors, classic design, and a slightly formal yet still comfortable vibe.

It’s important to understand that using a traditional file does not mean that the room has to be boring. There is a lot of room to play around with the traditional style.

4. Transitional

If you have a hard time choosing between traditional and more modern styles, my consider decorating your bedroom in the transitional style.

This is a great style to use if you are attempting to blend interior design styles when moving into a larger home or after getting married.

Successful homes using the transitional style deals both relaxed and warm. Achieving a balance between traditional furnishings and modern elements can help to make an incredibly cozy feeling home.

5. Rustic

Maybe you would rather have a more rustic style in your bedroom. Rustic design and decor is a type of interior design style that is natural looking, organic, age, and perhaps even a bit rough around the edges. Some other design styles such as coastal, farmhouse, or Tuscan, can fairly be described as rustic.

If you feel most comfortable in the outdoors, you might want to take your inspiration from nature. Incorporating stone, raw wood, leather, and pieces with natural and weathered finishes, can create a lovely rustic style.

You want the color palette to begin with neutral tones so that the features of your room can have the space to stand out. My opt to go with natural wood features and whitewashed walls to get the rustic look you are going for. You want to make sure that there is enough contrast in color between your wood pieces in your color scheme so they don’t blend together and get lost.

Wood will be one of the main natural materials you use in a rustic bedroom. He also want to make sure that it feels cozy, too, so consider what natural and organic fabrics you can use in your bedroom to balance the feeling of wood and stone.

6. Maximalist

It’s the idea of minimalism sends a shiver down your spine, perhaps you prefer to have a maximalist bedroom. Opposite of minimalism and pretty much every way, this loud interior design style is identified by curated yet excessive collections of objects, mix patterns, and saturated colors.

This is a way to use your bedroom in the boldest way possible. You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate tons of art, bright colors, fun patterns, and the maximum amount of cheer.

7. Shabby Chic

if you are a romantic at heart, you might like the shabby chic style. In some senses you could think of shabby chic as a more feminine version of a rustic style.

A bedroom in the shabby chic style with the inviting and warm. Your dresser will appear to have had many layers of paint applied over the year giving it a natural and authentic look of being loved. You want to incorporate natural fabrics icons and linens to complete the look of this cottage style and soft decor.

8. Bohemian

Unleash your inner free spirit by making your bedroom into a Bohemian paradise. This style is inspired by the aesthetic of people who have led unconventional lives such as artists, writers, travelers, and musicians.

To achieve the style, you want to incorporate a variety of textures, layer your rugs, utilize vintage or handmade items, and have tons of plants.

9. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a delightful interior design style that harkens back to the design file that was popular between the early 1930s and the mid-1960s. This is an incredibly popular retro style these days.

In the style you’ll find a mostly muted palette with lots of simple lines and natural wood. The philosophy behind this design style has to do with the way that form and function serve one another.

Which of These Design Styles Is Right For You?

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