Calling pest control for black garden ants

Calling pest control for black garden ants


Most of us have come across different species of ants, of which the black garden ant is the most common. The scientific name of this species of ant is Lasius Niger. The smaller worker ants are usually 3 mm to 5 mm in length. The queen ant can be as big as 16 mm. As a homeowner, should you worry about black garden ant? The short answer is yes. While these ants are not an immediate threat, there are additional concerns that must be addressed. Here’s more on what you need to know.

Facts about black garden ants

One species of black garden ant lives in forested areas. There is also a second species that live in the open. Since these ants thrive on honeydew from aphids and other sweet foods, one can easily spot them in gardens and yards. Being a part of the Fornicinae family, these ants tend to have bigger reservoirs of venom, although that’s not poisonous to humans. Also, black garden ants don’t bite/sting but eject formic acid. If you get formic acid on a cut or wound, you may feel a sudden burning and itching sensation. 

Why worry about black garden ants?

As a colony grows, foraging worker ants often go far to find food sources, and that place could be your home. These ants would forage on left-over food, often sweeter things. As the worker ants get around for food, they often excavate around plant roots, which can impact the soil. Ants also tend to care for and cultivate aphids, which could pose further problems. If these ants make their way through food sources, the food may not be fit enough for consumption. 

How can pest control help?

A professional pest control company knows what it takes to tackle black garden ants. The experts can find nesting sites, use insecticides in an appropriate matter, and ensure that the problem doesn’t return. Also, these professionals can advise you on many other things, including how you can keep up with maintenance and upkeep to prevent black ants from returning to your home. 

How much does it cost?

Well, it depends on the job. Unlike termite treatments which require more work, getting rid of black spider ants isn’t that tough a job, and in any case, pest control companies will give an estimate in advance. 

You can expect to make the most of their expertise and get a warranty on the pest control work.

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