Everything you need to know about Reefer Trailer Rentals

Everything you need to know about Reefer Trailer Rentals


There are a lot of trailers in the trucking world. Some of the most common ones are of course the reefer trailer. It is used mainly to transport temperature-sensitive goods and also or their various uses. Even though a lot of people use reefer trailers, they do not know much about them. Thus, here are some of the things you should know about reefer trailer rentals.

What is a reefer trailer in the first place?

A reefer trailer is also called as a refrigerated trailer. It is a dry van and these reefers are built with some insulation and refrigeration capabilities for the transport. They are mainly used for the transport of perishable and temperature-sensitive products. It is generally a dry van and the goods are not meant to be heated or cooled. The reefers are already set to maintain a pre-set temperature. The truckers generally have reefer trailers so that they can eliminate the product spoilage in the loads.

The main reefer trailer’s components are generally a reefer unit, the insulated box, and the reefer air chute, air ride suspension, and the tire inflation system. The reefer unit’s essential components are the engine, compressor, evaporator, and condenser. These reefer vehicles are generally 53 foot long and they are available in different sizes.

What can the reefer or refrigerated trailer do?

This refrigerated trailer can maintain the temperature during the transport of perishable or temperature-sensitive goods. The main purpose of the refrigeration is to remove the heat and then take it from one place to another. Since these reefers are mainly used to collect and pump the heat, they can be used to heat and cool the shipments too.

What types of things can the reefer trailers possibly transport?

These reefer trailers can be used to transport the goods which are kind of temperature-sensitive or if they get perished quickly. They may include fresh products, plants, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, seafood, dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables. They are also equipped to protect against any kind of varying weather changes or spoilers or damages.

Can you rent a reefer trailer for transport?

When the reefer trailers are required, you can take them for rent. Polar Leasing does have a wide selection of rental reefer trailers. You can simply start by filling the rental application process and once you are done with that you will send that application to the member of the Polar Leasing and they will respond to you via e-mail. Once you are approved, you will be able to select the equipment you would require and then you can use the reefer trailer for the stipulated amount of time.

What if you want to purchase a reefer trailer?

Just like renting, you can consider buying the trailer if you are using it for a long time to come. You can purchase them from Polar Leasing itself. You can find the perfect kind for you and you can purchase hand me down or used ones too. How to proceed with the purchase? Contact them and they should have their representative in regular touch with you from now on.

How does the whole reefer trailer thing work?

So, before you rent it or purchase it, it is essential that you know how this trailer works. The compressor is driven by the small diesel engine and this takes out some gaseous refrigerant and compresses it. Later, some pressure is compressed and can liquefy into gas. After that, this liquid gas will give off heat to the body and the air. The trailer is still warm throughout the process and thus it is pumped to the condenser. Once it is pushed into the condenser, it goes through the heat exchanger process. During the phase, it draws gaseous refrigerant and compresses it. The gas gives off heat to the body of the compressor and the air. After the whole process, the trailer is still warm so it is pumped to the condenser.

Then the conversion works, the refrigerant also does its part and the metering valve is used. It helps in controlling the amount of refrigerant that is released into the evaporator. The goods or the products inside the trailer are pre-cooled before the shipment so that they can ensure all the goods are in good condition throughout the transport.

What is the rental cost of the reefer trailer?

When you are considering rent a reefer trailer, the rental cost should also be considered. You will get to know the price when you are filling up the application for rental of the reefer trailer and the team will make the application process simple. So within 24 hours, you will know exactly what trailer is available for rent.


Thus, this is all you can know about reefer trailer rental and reefer trailer in general.  The reefer has an impressive temperature range and it makes it suitable for transporting a wide range of products.

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