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Five Scary Facts About Rats You Might Not Know

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Rats stand out as pests with one of the most positive images in pop culture. In addition to being mammals like humans, rats are portrayed as being cute and largely harmless in a lot of movies. Films like Ratatouille (2007) and Stuart Little portray them in a positive light. However, this might not tell the true story about their nature. Rats can be very dangerous to humans, and there are interesting facts to back this claim up. Below are five scary facts about rats that you might not know. 

  • They Are Good Swimmers: Rats are really good swimmers, and as a matter of fact, they thrive in areas like the sewer system. So, if you think you can get rid of a rat by flushing it up the toilet, then you need to have a rethink. The sewer system makes a perfect space for them, as it is a confined space in which they thrive. The water and urine also do not bother them too much, so they can stay there for as long as three days. Rats can swim up the toilet and bite you, so be sure to look closely before taking a dump. 
  • They Are Heavy Breeders: Rats are among the heaviest breeders of all animals in the world. Just two rats in your home can lead to a rat infestation that produces thousands of rats. Rats reach sexual maturity very early after about 4 weeks from their birth. This is followed by breeding litters of rat pups. A litter is usually made up of 12 rat pups. One female rat can give birth to as many as six litters in one. The female pups continue the cycle once they reach sexual maturity. If swift action is not carried out, rats can take over a whole house. 
  •  They Enjoy Biting Sleeping Humans: If you believe that rats are only concerned with your garbage, then you are mistaken. This is because they enjoy biting humans, sleeping humans to be precise. Their favorite parts of the human body to bite are the hands, legs, and face.
  • They Can Chew Through Anything: Yes, you might know that rats eat fabric, plastic, and paper. But the truth is, their teeth are strong enough to chew through tougher material. Research has shown that their teeth are stronger than iron and copper. This means that they can chew through metal material. It is also interesting to note that their teeth grow up to 5.5 inches every year. Rats have a very strong sense of smell which aids their survival. 
  • They Are Very Intelligent: Rats are very intelligent creatures and this helps them when it comes to memorization. This means that they can remember where traps are located, to avoid them while moving. 

In addition, rats are known to be carriers of different diseases. It is therefore important to get them out of your house, as soon as possible. Contact pest control near you. You can find out more info here.

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