Four Surefire Ways to Impress Your New Neighbors

Four Surefire Ways to Impress Your New Neighbors

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Moving is never an easy task. There’s a lot of work to be done before, during, and after the move, but the most important task–and possibly the most difficult–is getting your new neighbors to like you and welcome you in the neighborhood sooner than later.

Moving isn’t as rare these days as it used to be. Browning Moving & Storage, a national moving company in Florida, employs 90 full-sized moving trucks to get people’s belongings across town or across the country, and that’s just one moving company. But despite how common changing homes is, during at least the whole first year you live in your new house, you’ll be considered the “new” neighbors.

Don’t bother trying to impress the other homeowners in the neighborhood with your expensive wheels or by cooking the most tender ribs on earth for the block party. Instead, here are four ways to really impress the other inhabitants ‘hood during your first year in your new home.

Give Your Home a Springtime Facelift

Springtime will find your neighbors out in droves tidying up their yards, painting the shutters, and taking care of other home maintenance tasks. Head out the front door and join them in giving your home–and by association, the whole neighborhood–a healthy dose of curb appeal. No matter what the neighbors think of your teenager’s garage band, they’ll appreciate that you’re interested in making your home attractive and helping to maintain the property values on the street.

Keep Your Lawn Tidy

The lawn is a measuring stick of sorts in many neighborhoods. Those who let their grass grow so long it goes to seed or who let weeds overtake it are considered pariahs in the ‘hood. So if you want to impress your neighbors in the summer, mow the lawn when it needs mowing, and keep the dandelions under control. And don’t forget to trim the bushes while you’re at it–keeping your home tidy at all times will go a long way toward impressing your neighbors.

Don’t Share Your Bounty of Leaves

You definitely won’t impress anyone if you’re the house on the street whose blanket of leaves blows into your neighbors’ freshly raked yards each fall. As soon as the leaves start falling, pay attention to the protocol for leaf removal. If everyone else rakes or blows their leaves so that their grass is a lush carpet of green despite the old oak trees lining the streets, do the same. A team player attitude will most certainly impress the other folks on your street.

Show Your Spirit–But Know When to Pack it In

Show your neighbors that you have holiday spirit. On Halloween, decorate the yard, but take down the decorations right after All Souls Day. Same goes with holiday decorations–putting them up shows you have spirit, but according to an article over at, you should take down your Christmas lights and other decorations right after the New Year, absolutely no later than January 6.

When the snow flies, get out there and shovel the sidewalks first thing. Don’t be the neighbor that lets the snow pile up on the sidewalk, making it really hard for the old lady down the street to walk her Chihuahua along the usual route. And while you’re at it, if you’re young and strapping–or older but in really good shape–win extra points and feel good about yourself by shoveling the sidewalks of your elderly neighbors, too.

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