How To Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean During A Multi-Day Event?

How To Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean During A Multi-Day Event?

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When it comes to outdoor events, a portable potty is one of the most useful things you can invest in. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised that most porta potty rental prices are very affordable. The only question that remains now is “How do you keep your portable toilets clean during the event?”

With this in mind, here are some of the best tips you should keep in mind:

Make sure to order enough porta potties

The number one rule when it comes to keeping these stations clean is to have enough of them to cater to the number of guests you are having. As explained, porta potty rental prices are very affordable. Therefore, it’ll be easy to order enough portable toilets to avoid having overused or unsanitary ones.

Ensure that the location of these portable toilets are strategically placed

Another important aspect to take note of when installing these portable toilets is its location. Install them in various points across the event grounds so that people don’t have to walk that far to use the portable toilets. Moreover, strategically placing them in convenient locations will prevent overcrowding and long lines.

Consider hiring a restroom attendant

Companies offer affordable porta potty rental prices, as well as the option to hire restroom attendants. Think of this as an additional service to your original order. Restroom attendants can be particularly useful when you want someone to periodically check the condition of the portable restrooms throughout your big event day!

Periodical checking is a must!

Stemming from the previous point, should you opt not to hire a restroom attendant, it is crucial that someone periodically check the condition of the restrooms. Make sure that the toilet paper and hand sanitizer are continuously stocked to ensure the cleanliness of the porta potties.

Don’t forget about the outer appearance of your portable toilets

Oftentimes, people neglect the importance of keeping the outer appearance of the porta potties clean. Make sure that the garbage is put away. Don’t let the bins overflow. Keep the surrounding area clean. If a particular portable toilet has been overused, you can always redirect your guests to those that have been used less. The main goal is to spread porta potty usage across all restrooms.

Final Thoughts: Making sure that all portable toilets are used evenly!

The final key to ensuring that your portable toilets remain clean is to spread its usage to all ordered units. We’re pretty sure that hosting a big outdoor event can be stressful. However, you shouldn’t neglect some of the simplest things, such as the maintenance and cleanliness of your portable toilets.

Luckily, there are a number of porta potty companies that can aid you in this task. Aside from offering portable toilets at an affordable price, they also offer their clients with other services like hiring a restroom attendant or additional service in cases of emergency.

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