Is a High Efficiency Water Heater Worth It?

Is a High Efficiency Water Heater Worth It?


Finding true energy efficient water heaters can be challenging when you consider the various options on the market. You also have to align the best features and upfront investments of those water heaters to what your purpose is as property or homeowner.

Are you going with a heat pump, tankless, solar, gas, or commercial? Each of these water heaters is considered energy-efficient to some degree, but will they be worth it when weighed against your means and goals?

The short answer to the question we’ve posed is yes. Energy-efficient water heaters are very much worth it, but they come with several key considerations.

Ease of Use and Installation

Some water heaters are easier to use than others. Tankless, for instance, has a steady supply of hot water available instantly. They also take up less room and last longer than most.

The bad news is that they usually come with a higher purchase price and cost of installation. You might be able to save some doing it yourself, but just be aware of these mistakes to avoid when doing so (the same is true for any DIY job).

Climate Adaptations

Some water heaters are better-suited to specific climates. A solar water heater, for example, will perform better without the need for backup power in temperate climates such as Arizona, Florida, or California.

Lifetime Planning

The life expectancy of a unit can run the gamut with some systems, like solar, reporting 20 years or more. The typical electric water heater, on the other hand, goes about 8-12 years before it needs to be replaced. Do you want to keep installation costs low and save less month-to-month or invest more upfront for steeper savings?

Environmental Impact

A tankless hot water heater is considered one of the most eco-friendly options. It does not require a backup system, for starters, and it lasts longer before needing to be replaced than most of its counterparts.

Living in a smaller home with more consecutive water use as opposed to simultaneous will get you the better results, though. If great environmental stewardship is as important to you as cost savings, then you’ll want to consider a water heater of this type before moving forward.

Cost Savings

Most countries will have some form of energy efficiency class for the hot water heaters out there, whether it’s EnergyStar in the US or the European Commission. Pay attention to these ratings as they will directly affect the amount you can expect on your overall utility bills.

Solar water heaters, for example, often boast savings of as much as 90 percent off your bill while other types of water heaters fall in the 10-15 percent range. There is a tradeoff in setup costs and replacement time, so do your homework.

Energy Efficient Water Heaters Pay You Back Over Time

We hope you now see the value of energy efficient water heaters and that you know the best type of water heater to choose for your needs. Best of luck as you move forward. For more home improvement information and tips, check out some of our additional posts!

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