Love Modern Homes? Follow These 5 Tips to Modernize Yours

Love Modern Homes? Follow These 5 Tips to Modernize Yours

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Modern homes are known for their sleek decor styles. They are often very bright inside with a lot of storage and little clutter. Walls are plain, bright matte whites and grays. Ceilings are generally higher with extra windows to let in sunlight.

If you’re looking to modernize your home but can’t undergo a full renovation to complete a modern home design, these are five tips that you can use to update your house without needing brand new modern home architecture.

1. Paint Job

The simple thing you can do to modernize your home is a paint job. Use bright white and very light gray paints to give your darker rooms a lift.

Notice that trim and walls in modern houses are often painted the same to create a monochromatic look. Ceilings may be done a shade lighter.

This can help brighten the space as well as make the walls and ceiling appear higher.

Paint can work on more than just walls. If you have floorboards in need of an update, painting them in a matte, light color can add some lightness to a room.

Likewise with kitchen and bathroom vanities. If you can’t replace old, dark cabinets right away, opt for a paint job that gives them new life. A modern style is to do a dark paint job on the lower cabinets with white on the upper cabinets, adding height to the space.

2. Window Treatments

Proper window treatments are an essential part of modern home decor. Bringing a lot of light into a modern home is important.

For this reason, consider going without curtains altogether and simply adding privacy window films to the windows.

If you are going to add window treatment consider sheer white curtains or light-colored Roman shades that can be retracted completely to let in light.

3. Plumbing Fixtures and Sinks

Porcelain is largely out of style when it comes to modern home plumbing. Stainless steel or brushed nickel fixtures are very trendy.

Sink basins in metals or glass vessel styles are also a modern take for kitchens and bathrooms. Swapping in and out a new sink or faucet is a simple weekend morning DIY, even for the inexperienced homeowner. Watch a tutorial to get started.

4. Garage Doors

Toss that old plastic-looking garage door. These cookie-cutter synthetic doors are a suburban nightmare.

Adding insulated roll up garage doors can give you both function and style, tapping into an industrial home look for a modern home exterior. The metallic front on these gives your home a distinctly modern look.

5. Lighting Fixtures

Do not just depend on the sun to provide light in your home. Update your lighting fixtures.

Choosing sleek, simple designs with true-white bulbs can change the feel of a space. Target dark areas of the home with adjustable fixtures to brighten up your rooms.

Modern Homes Are Achievable

Even without extensive renovations, you can take inspiration from modern homes to update your space. Employ a few structural updates like lighting and garage doors alongside decor DIYs like painting and window treatments to get the look you want.

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