Nan Inc. – How it Reached the Top of its Game

Nan Inc. – How it Reached the Top of its Game

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Anyone who has been looking for a construction company in Hawaii has probably heard the name of Nan Inc. After all, it is on the list of the top 10 companies that exist in the state and it is also a relatively young firm when it comes to the construction industry. As it was established in 1990, Nan Inc. has been around for just 30 years, which is considered very young, as compared to some of the other companies that are on the list. Yet, when you check out its reputation and successes, you will notice that it is just as renowned as the others.

How is that so? This has been made possible due to the hard work and dedication of Patrick Shin, owner of Nan Inc. He was born as Nan Chul Shin in South Korea and it was his dream to move to the United States, one he was able to accomplish. It was only after he had immigrated that he decided to change his name in order to fit in the new country. He had to face a lot of challenges initially, as he shared a one-bedroom apartment with his siblings.

He worked with his brother in running his fishing business in New York and attended the Bowling Green State University on a football scholarship, from where he did his majors in business administration. After completing graduation, he took up a job with a construction company in Hawaii and spent two years learning all he could. He left his job to set up Nan Inc. as he was committed to making a contribution to Hawaii. This was not without its challenges because he didn’t have a lot of capital or resources, but he didn’t let this discourage him.

He started with just one employee and had to take on very small projects, but Patrick Shin rose to the challenge. His constant dedication helped Nan Inc.’s reputation grow and it earned the trust of local businesses as well as the government. The company was able to get multimillion dollar projects that it completed with professionalism, thereby cementing its position in Hawaii’s construction industry. Today, the company has a workforce of 500 employees and is taking on projects of different sizes every year. Nan Inc. has also received numerous awards and certifications for its work and its founder has also become quite well-known for his work and philanthropy.

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