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In comparison to insulated glass and single pane glass, HaanGlas’s thermal insulation performance is 2-4 times higher and 6-10 times larger than that of single pane glass, due to the high vacuum chamber of the material. Its characteristics, which surpass all international regulations, meet the thermal transmission criteria for windows and doors in passive houses.

The Art of Noise Reduction

With its 36 dB weighted sound reduction index, HaanGlas Vacuum glass produces a library-like silence in urban areas.

Due to the high vacuum chamber, HaanGlas’ sound insulation effectiveness is significantly greater than that of insulated glass, which effectively limits sound transmission. Due to the building’s excellent acoustic properties, medium and low frequency disturbances such as traffic and construction sounds are able to enter the structure deeply. You will also have to know what’s vacuum glass there.

Condensation-free surfaces

In temperatures below -70°C, there will be no condensation whatsoever. Because of the low dew point, HaanGlas in buildings and refrigerators is able to maintain its excellent transparency.

Between the layers of glass, HaanGlas effectively prevents dew condensation. HaanGlas, on the other hand, has a high thermal resistance, which lowers the surface’s dew point. 04. Finished Tempering

A number of essential safety tests have shown the glass’ durability, including the wind-resistance and impact-resistance tests, to meet or surpass tempered glass criteria. For comparison, a 1-meter-tall sand column weighs the same as 20 people weighing an average of 70 kilogrammes apiece standing on one square metre of 8.3-mm-thick tempered vacuum insulating glass.

  • High strength and impact resistance of tempered glass are not the only benefits that HaanGlas maintains by employing low temperature sealing technology; they are also preserved. If a piece of glass breaks, it’s safer to split it into smaller honeycomb-shaped pieces. Thin-Filled (No. 05)
  • The 8.3 mm thick HaanGlas, with a weight per square metre of about 20 kg, greatly minimises the costs of component manufacturing, storage, and logistics.
  • However, although though HaanGlas is just one-fourth the thickness and weighs at least 12 kilogrammes less per square metre than triple-paned insulated glass, its U-value is greater. Extensive Adaptability to Changing Environments
  • Since the high vacuum chamber of HaanGlas does not experience temperature expansion or contraction, it is not bound by geography or elevation.

Furthermore, the U-value of HaanGlas remains constant regardless of whether it is mounted horizontally or at an angle, providing in a considerable energy savings advantage. Extensive shelf life: 07.

HaanGlas has a predicted lifespan of more than 25 years

A high-efficiency getter material built-in to HaanGlas allows it to maintain a high level of vacuum for an extended period of time, eliminating the problem of seal failure caused by fragile sealing materials in environments where there is a significant temperature difference between the inner and outer glass surfaces. 08. It’s Quick and Easy to Install a New One

HaanGlas will simplify and secure the restoration of ancient structures

In comparison, the thickness of one sheet of HaanGlas is just 8.3 mm. HaanGlas may be easily put into the existing window frames when replacing a single pane window, preserving the building’s original architecture.

This product does not contain any lead

According to a CTI testing report, HaanGlas’ environmental-friendly performance has been approved by the RoHS European Union.

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