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Step By Step Guide to Install Shower Enclosure

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Shower enclosure installation is a stylish way to give you plenty of cozy bathroom space. You will be happy to know that it is a simple and basic job to install a shower enclosure, which can be accomplished within one day.

Before we continue, we will emphasize that a professional with expertise in this work style will be undertaking the installation of a bathroom.

Define A Shower Enclosure?

The shower enclosure is a conventional bathroom, generally connected to one or two doors holding the tub. It is designed to funnel wastewater into the pipe of the waste outlet and avoid splashing water into your bathroom. Usually, the shower boxes have a shower tray on which the tub sits.

Steps To Install A Shower Enclosure

Unpack And Check All Parts Of The Shower Enclosure Kit.

A first phase while installing the shower enclosure is to check all of your shower enclosure components that are included in your box. There must be a list of all the fittings in the enclosure kit somewhere, so go through them all and check that they’re there.

If not, contact the company from which you purchased it, and let them know.

Adjust The Frame Of The Shower Enclosure

The shower enclosure is securely held in position and over the tray, using vertical upright brackets. They are adjusted to the wall using a screwdriver, and the Frame of the enclosure is then attached to each bracket in the switch. Using a screwdriver, they are fixed to the wall, and the enclosure frame is then fastened to each bracket in turn.

Fixing brackets of the shower enclosure are placed around 5 mm in from the front edge at the edge of the shower tray. Place each bracket in place and use a spirit level to ensure that it is vertically straight, and then mark each repairing hole with a correct pen.

Assemble The Frame

To assemble the Frame of the shower enclosure, this has to be done on one side at a time and with help preferably. Speak to your assistant to keep one of the adjusted glass rear doors vertically upright, and slip on one of the sealing strips with your shower enclosure kit.

Slide the plastic coating strip over the bottom and slide the panel onto the Frame and screw it in a place like the first one.

Bring the sealing strip to the top of each fixed glass panel when the base is set and put the top portion of the dimension framework over each group and screw it through the fasteners on each side as you did with the core.

Get The Shower Enclosure Into Position.

Once the shower enclosure frame has been fixed, you can now place it on the shower tray. Carefully transfer the shower enclosure to the shower tray by sliding the panels onto the brackets. Make sure that there’s no gap between both the Frame of the shower enclosure and the plate.

Assemble The Sliding Shower Door And A Shower Door Roller

The movable spring rollers are attached to the base of the sliding Frame, while the attached ones are mounted to the top of the door.

Fix the top rollers. The roller section goes outside the curved door. Place each roller over the fixing hole in the front of the glass door, place the cover over the back of the hole and then screw the fixing screw through the back of the hole. Don’t over close, open it out, and then make a final turn.

Switch the gate upright and use the same technique to fix the bottom-door rollers.

Hang Sliding Shower Doors On To Frame And Fix The Handles To Sliding Doors

Set the first sliding door onto the Frame of the shower enclosure. Move them back onto the rollers to lock them shut. Repeat for the 2nd screen. Ensure that the distance between the sliding doors also goes down the entire way.

Attach the handles onto the gate outside. Then secure a screw into the handle and through each fixing bracket.

Door seals are needed to prevent water from getting out of the shower area. The strips should be applied to the panels with a fixed glass shower enclosure and the sliding shower door. Just push them down to die to fit them.

Fixed The Shower Frame To Brackets

Once the Frame of the shower enclosure is mounted in the correct position, it can now be secured to the brackets. Drill 2-3 mm holes from each of the upright brackets to do this. After that, pop the correct screw through the screw cup and cover provided. Then mess it up and slip it over a top sheet.

Apply The Covers And Sealant To The Shower Enclosure

To prevent the door brackets from rusting by water, apply a cover over them. To do so, move the top of each bracket over the cap.

It would help if you used a sealant gun to apply a silicone sealant. Sealant should be placed on the outside of the shower enclosure, along the shower base. Now, let it dry for 24 hours.


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