The Cable Man: How Do You Install Garage Door Cables?

The Cable Man: How Do You Install Garage Door Cables?

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Did you know that garage door cables can be dangerous if you let them wear out? An old, frayed garage door cable can break and cause injury.

Aside from injury, a broken garage door can also be inconvenient. No worries though, garage door cable replacement can be easily done on your own.

Are you in need of garage door cable repair? Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to fix garage door cables.

Choose the Right Garage Door Cables

Fixing a garage door cable will take a little bit of research, as you need to know what type of cable your garage door uses. The two main types of garage door cables are torsion spring cables and extension spring cables.

Torsion spring cables are the most common and need torque to work. Torsion spring cables wind up the springs to lower the door and unwind the springs to open the door.

The other type is extension spring cables, which are used in garages with little headroom. These cables run on a track alongside the garage and connect to the bottom of the garage door.

Once you know what type of cable you’re replacing, you need to buy the appropriately sized replacement cable. The size of the cable is determined by the size of your garage door.

Finding the right cable size will require some math. Measure the length of your garage door, then add 18 inches.

Buy or Gather Necessary Tools

Now you know what type of cable to buy and how long it should be. It’s time to gather or buy the tools you’ll need.

You’ll need gloves and safety glasses for protection and a ladder to reach the cables. Then you’ll need sockets, wrenches, c-clamps, locking pliers, and winding bars to get the job done.

Release Tension

You’ll have to release the tension before removing the old cables to stay safe. Open your garage door all the way and attach your clamps to the track under the lowest wheel on the door.

This will keep the door from sliding down while you remove and replace your cables.

Remove Old Cable

Now there’s no tension on the springs, and you can get to work. First, you’ll need to loosen those screws.

Then you can remove the cable from the cable drum. You’ll also need to remove the cable from the bracket by removing the lag screw.

Install New Cable

Put your new cable on that bracket first and tighten the lag screw again. Then you can put the cable back into the slot in the cable drum.

After that, tighten the cable onto the drum and set those screws back in place. Remove the c-clamps and your new garage door cables are open for business!

D-I-Y Champ

Now you know how to replace garage door cables by yourself. It’s time to execute the plan and save money on repair services.

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