The Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Right Landscaping Stone

The Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Right Landscaping Stone


It’s the DIY project that’s more complicated than you might think—landscaping. There’s so much more to it than just picking up a few plants, as you need to consider design, materials, and goals.

One large consideration involves selecting the right landscaping stones. You’ll use stones and gravel for a wide range of garden features, including stone wall landscaping, pathways, borders, and garden beds.

To help you get started when it comes to selecting the right material, keep reading to find the ultimate guide to picking out landscaping stones.

Familiarize Yourself With All of the Options

When you start to think about stone landscaping ideas, you first need to understand the basic types of stones. Are you thinking about large paving stones, considering beach pebbles, or you’re not sure what you need?

If so, it’s ok to be overwhelmed. There are plenty of decorative landscaping stone choices, with popular options including flagstone, gravel, pebbles, river rock, and decomposed gravel.

Different stones are best for different projects, so browse a few landscaping stores to learn more.

Think About Your Budget

How much do you want to spend on your project? Landscaping is an investment, with landscaping installation costs ranging from $4 to $12 per square foot.

If you’re on a tighter budget, consider a DIY project rather than hiring a landscaper and look for more affordable stone materials, such as crushed or pea gravel.

Generally, stone or gravel local to your region will also be more affordable, since it doesn’t have as far to travel.

What Color Best Suits Your Aesthetic?

Landscaping materials can come in just about any color and size, so start thinking about which color best suits your garden and style. You can find stones in both warm and cool colors, so think about which would look best when paired with the flowering plants and trees in your garden.

You’ll also want to consider which shade will best match the exterior of your home or your backyard shed. Your climate may make an impact on your materials as well—for example, large black pavers will trap heat and might not be ideal for hot climates.

Will You Need to Drive Over the Landscaping Stones?

If you’re looking for stone for a path or driveway, consider if you’ll be driving cars, bikes, or wheelbarrows over it.

If so, you need a material that is compact and strong, with a solid base underneath. Materials that won’t get stuck in wheels or scratch cars are what you want to look for.

Use These Tips to Complete Your Landscaping Project

After reading the above, you hopefully have a better idea of which landscaping stones are right for your home. With so much variety, the stones can make or break your garden!

To get started, you may want to pick up some gardening magazines for inspiration or speak to landscapers for professional advice. With a bit of planning and effort, you’re sure to end up with a fantastic garden!

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