Types of Handyman Services

Types of Handyman Services

Home Improvement

How do I find a good handyman? Home renovation is an excellent way of improving the look of your property. To achieve this, you must undertake various home improvements such as painting, upgrading fixtures, appliance repairs, and more. You’ll require professionals to help you out, and handyman services are worth mentioning. A handyman will come in handy for most tasks that require special tools and equipment. Well, seek referrals from friends or search online, and you’ll get professionals near you. Before hiring, consider their level of experience, expertise, and equipment used.

Here are types of handyman services necessary during renovations:


A home renovation or upgrade project is never complete without applying a fresh coat of paint. Painting the home interiors and exteriors will transform the entire look of your home and create that inviting look. However, painting is tedious, and you require professional services.

 With the right handyman, you’ll enhance the curb appeal of the property. A handyman can also help you repaint your home interiors and exteriors and have the necessary tools for the task. These may include; tape, brushes, ladders, paint rollers, and more.

2. Installation of smart devices

Smart homes are on the rise, and most homeowners seek various modern devices to intensify their comfort. A handyman can help install multiple smart devices such as doorbells, sensors, thermostats, sockets, and more. You only have to verify that the handyman is certified to handle and install particular products from certain brands.

3. Drywall installation

Drywall installation is commonly performed after a water damage remediation job. Most handymen specialize in this type of task and will accomplish it perfectly. You expect a handyman to have the necessary measuring and cutting equipment to install drywall boards skillfully.

A handyman will also undertake drywall repairs for example;

  • Installation
  • Spackling
  • Patching holes
  • Smoothing chipped edges
  • Interior painting

4. Small appliance repairs

Upgrading your home doesn’t mean acquiring new items. If You can still make do with what you already have. If you have broken appliances in your home, a handyman can help fix them to restore their functions. They will fix your small appliances for a lesser cost compared to buying new ones.  

5. Fixture replacement

 Fixtures in your home will at some point wear out. While you can do some of the replacements by yourself, it’s advisable to engage professionals. A handyman can help replace faucets, lighting systems, and many more. Some tasks don’t require any license, and a general handyman can do this with ease. However, others like lighting system replacements require a specialized permit. 

How do I find a good local handyman?

You don’t want to make mistakes in your renovation project. This involves various tasks, and it’s best to delegate them to a professional. A handyman has the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake most of the chores. With a specialist, you save time, costs, and, best of all, construction materials. By hiring a specialist, you save yourself a lot of stress.

Does handyman need license in Singapore?

Handyman services are essential during home renovations in Singapore. If you lack time to inspect your entire apartment, a handyman will help spot issues that can lead to future potential problems. This then helps minimize the cost of repairs which benefits the property owner.

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