4 Ways to Improve Home and Apartment Safety

4 Ways to Improve Home and Apartment Safety

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The FBI estimates that approximately 6,925,677 property crimes took place in 2019. Is your home at risk to become a part of this statistic?

Sadly, if you don’t know the answer to this question, it probably is.

Now is the time to start taking home and apartment safety seriously – before something happens to you or a loved one. Stay tuned for our top four tips on how to keep your property safe and secure!

1. Case the Joint

The first step to making homes safe is to think like a burglar.

You’ll want to start by inspecting your property’s perimeter. Where would an intruder enter? Are there large obstructions like shrubs that create potential hiding places?

Then, focus on your home itself. Are all of your windows and doors secure? Are you able to see who’s outside before opening the front door?

Take notes on any areas where your home’s security seems weak. You can bet that the bad guys already have!

2. Add Lighting

When it comes to apartment complex safety, or any property where you’ll be walking outdoors for that matter, lighting is absolutely essential. A well-illuminated street or parking lot gives criminals few places to hide, leaving them vulnerable to detection.

Investing in a super-bright source, like LED lights for parking lots, will do more than make your property less appealing to criminals. It will also help everyone who lives there feel more comfortable after dark.

3. Install a Security System

If you live in an area prone to burglary, it’s probably time to take home safety to the next level. And, installing a security system is a great way to bridge the gap.

These days, there are hundreds of options available, with everything from wirelessly controlled CCTV cameras to high-tech systems that integrate with a smart home. But, don’t worry if you aren’t at the cutting edge of technology. There are plenty of easy to operate systems to choose from, as well.

Traditional password-protected security panels that rely on door and window sensors are an excellent option for homes and apartments, too. Just keep in mind this might require you to keep a landline telephone.

4. Hired Help

If you really want to feel safe, hiring an on-site security officer is your best bet. After all, no amount of safety tips could add up to a trained professional safeguarding your home around the clock.

Before choosing a security company, you should read online reviews and client testimonials. It’s also essential to find out what kind of background checks and vetting takes place before they offer employment to their officers.

Home and Apartment Safety Made Easy

With this article as your guide, you’re ready to inspect your home or apartment safety measures. And, you might be surprised at what you find!

Then, follow our top tips to further secure your property.

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