5 interesting facts about the Hans Wegner Wing Chair

5 interesting facts about the Hans Wegner Wing Chair


Hans Wegner is one of the most celebrated furniture designers in the world, and his catalogue consists of some of the best, most comfortable, and ergonomic furniture pieces that you’ll ever come across. The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is definitely one of his most renowned works. The midcentury style design and unique aesthetic makes it instantly beloved by the onlooker. But if you want to delve in some history, here are 5 interesting facts about this chair that will totally intrigue you:

  1. Recent production


While the iconic designer Hans J. Wegner came up with the design of this chair back in 1960, it was never put into production! If you look at the design, it feels like a travesty to leave such a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture to rot away into obscurity. But that’s exactly what happened back in the day. The unique design of the Hans Wegner Wing chair was ahead of its time, which is why it wasn’t produced and distributed in the market. Although a shame, it’s safe to say that better late than never.

  1. Recent design production


It was only recently that the Hans Wegner Wing Chair was put in production once again. Its streamlined looks and classic designing caught the eye of dedicated designers. So, when the time came, the chair was reconstructed based on the original designs of Wegner and finally put into production. After years of obscurity, it finally has a chance to shine in the spotlight. The great part is that the authenticity of the original design remains a classic touch even in this modern reincarnation of this chair.

  1. Renamed for its new audience


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair may have been designed by the iconic maestro himself, but it was definitely reincarnated by a different team. So, although it’s still affectionately referred to by the old moniker of Hans J. Wegner, it also has a brand new and very officious looking name: the CH445 chair. So, if you can’t really find many versions of this chair on the internet by its nickname, you can try putting in the CH445 chair and you’ll find everything that you’d been searching for.

  1. Retaining original materials


All the contemporary productions of the Hans Wegner Wing Chair have not only been based on the original drawings, but they’re also constructed from the original materials proposed by Hans J. Wegner himself. From the solid beech wood frame to the stainless steel base and even the hand-sewn piping, this chair preserves the ideals, imagination, and timeless vision of one of the best furniture designers in the best possible way.

  1. Matching footstool


Not many people know, but the Hans Wegner Wing Chair comes with a matching footstool (although it’s a separate purchase). The amazing visual integrity of this chair is matched by equally amazing ergonomics, so it’s only right that it be paired with a great footstool for you to kick your feet up while relaxing in this chair.

So, these are some really interesting facts about the Hans Wegner Wing Chair. We hope they gave you more insight into the quality and production of this piece!

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