Does Your Home Have Clean Pipes? The Camera Hides Nothing

Does Your Home Have Clean Pipes? The Camera Hides Nothing

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Household plumbing is taken for granted. We always expect the toilets to flush and the sinks to drain. This is because the plumbing is out of sight. The piping is conveniently hidden in the walls and beneath the ground.

Though this process keeps pipes out of view, it also hides any issues that arise. Not long ago, clogged plumbing was a huge problem. You had to see the buildup to realize you didn’t have clean pipes.

However, technology has evolved. Now, a plumber can send a camera down the pipes to identify clogs.

This process has changed the plumbing industry. Read on to discover what clogs pipes and how a plumbing camera can help.

Common Clogged Pipe Issues

There are quite a few things that can clog pipes. It can be a user error or a natural occurrence. You have to watch for warning signs like slow-draining showers and backing up toilets. Below we will examine some common problems leading to clogged drains.

Foreign Objects

It happens all the time. A necklace, a toy, a bar of soap, etc. gets flushed down the drain. Depending on the size, these objects can catch in the pipes. If this happens, a trap forms. They will begin to block the other debris that drains and clog the pipe.

Grease Build-Up

Washing cooking grease down the kitchen sink is not recommended. It starts in liquid form, but, once it cools, it hardens to a solid. The grease walls off the pipes hindering drainage.


Tree roots rarely stop for anything. If a pipe is in their path, they keep growing. If your ground pipes have any cracks or splits, the roots invade. They will keep growing until the pipes are completely clogged.

Benefits of a Plumbing Camera Inspection

You won’t be able to see these clogs with the naked eye. This is where a drain camera comes into play. No longer are the days of blindly snaking your drains hoping to clear a clog.

A sewer inspection camera has many benefits.

Accurately Identify the Issue

The camera gives eyes to an otherwise blind task. Your local plumber can now see exactly where and what the problem is. They will discover if the issue is grease or a collapsed pipe.

Time Efficient

The ability to see into the pipes saves time. Imagine a root system clogging up a portion of the pipes. The camera will quickly show the location and severity of the clog.

Once the snake cuts the roots, the camera can check again to ensure the pipes are clean. This avoids the problem popping up again a few days later.

No Digging No Mess

A drain camera results in a clean job. Plumbers used to identify roughly where an issue was occurring and dig up the area to expose the pipes. Now, a camera inspection can map out the entire pipe system in your yard- no shovels needed.

Maintain Clean Pipes

Find out if your home has clean pipes with a camera inspection. It’s easy for pipes to clog. Fortunately, a drain camera makes it easy to remedy the issue.

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