Eclectic Interior Design: Combining Styles and Elements

Eclectic Interior Design: Combining Styles and Elements

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The eclectic style, or eclecticism, is a trend in architecture and design that consists of mixing several elements of different styles in the same space, considering shapes, colours and designs to achieve a unitary and harmonious whole. Let’s start by defining what eclecticism or eclectic style consists of, the elements that make it up, trends in combinations and some tips and advice to achieve a unique and spectacular style in your home.

What is Eclecticism?

The eclectic style in design and decoration consists of taking ideas from various styles that can contrast and at the same time harmonize with each other, in order to create a particular environment and respond to a specific need, for example:

  • Exhibit collectible art pieces that correspond to different artistic currents
  • Explore interesting furniture choices that could work well together
  • Create a fun and creative atmosphere that is comfortable and looks casual at the same time
  • Adds a personalised element to the interior design of your home
  • Use vibrant colours, different coatings and attractive textures of your liking that you don’t know how to combine

Regardless of what you want to achieve in the spaces of your home, do not be afraid to join diverse and contrasting elements. Follow our advice and let your creativity flow.

What Styles can Eclecticism Consist of?

The eclectic style can take ideas from the following styles: rustic, classic, modernist, Victorian, colonial, rustic industrial, contemporary industrial, minimalist.

Mixing some of these styles seems impossible, right? But with the right proportions, you can achieve beautiful spaces, some examples are:

  • Mixing the minimalism of perfect white surfaces and lots of light, with rustic wood textures in the furniture can give a strong personality to your bedroom.
  • Create a colourful and fun room with a classic-style table with black contemporary chairs, a modernist marble table, rustic Mexican-style armchairs and an industrial-style kitchen in red, with various pieces of art on the walls, like in the image.
  • A living room can look nice with a rustic wood wardrobe, a large modernist mirror, a contemporary sofa, and classic details like floor lamps, coffee tables, rugs, and decorative items.
  • One way to create an eclectic style in your home is to organize all the pictures, paintings or serigraphs that you are interested in exhibiting on a couple of walls. Based on the colours and distribution chosen, you can place that Victorian-style tufted sofa and next to it, a modern stainless-steel chair. In front, a polished wooden table, and below, a jute rug in a natural colour.

What are the Characteristics of the Eclectic Style?

While there are no strict rules or guidelines for building an eclectic environment, there are some features that can help us create it:

A visual theme has to be maintained. This can be by maintaining a palette of combinable colours and based on it to integrate the elements, a contrast of two or three textures and respect it, or decorate the entire environment with a simple style like minimalism, and integrate elements such as a upholstered leather furniture, a steel console or colourful and flowered textiles.

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