Hunters vs. farmer sales models: Find accurate personas of your sales reps

Hunters vs. farmer sales models: Find accurate personas of your sales reps

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The age-old debate between hunters and farmers has been scrutinized from all sides. As a sales leader, you may have adopted one of two personality types during your selling career. However, you should know both responsibilities in-depth to ensure that your team has a good mix of both personality types. Based on the type of firm they manage, sales leaders select one of these modules. They also rely on the type of things they’re trying to offer in some circumstances. Previously, most organizations fell into one of these two categories, employing only one of the sales models.

It would be best to look for the right Land for Sale as per your requirement. Every company must accept that it cannot be exclusively a hunter or a farmer. As a result, they require a crew to perform both functions as needed. The primary distinction between the hunter and farmer sales personas is how they spend their time and the kind of sales activity they pursue. According to psychology, hunters are more extroverted, whereas farmers are more introverted. 

Improve your understanding – are your sales reps hunting or farming?

When you put together the right team, everyone gets their due. Regardless of whether they are hunters or farmers, an ideal sales team would be one in which all sales agents build mutually well and financially gratifying relationships with one another. 

While hunters are more concerned with tasks than relationships, farmers value relationships over tasks. Stop wasting time looking for both a hunter and a farmer if you want to build a successful sales team. You can concentrate on finding someone who embodies these personality types and getting them to work together as a team.

Know about Hunters’ responsibilities

A hunter salesperson’s personality requires a blend of behaviors, driving forces, aptitude and competencies, education, experience, and background to perform outside sales hunting duties. The following are some of the roles that would be appropriate for a hunter salesperson’s personality type:

  • Account manager
  • Representative in the field
  • Manager/representative for business development and more.

It is practically impossible to find someone who can hunt and cultivate simultaneously. In rare cases, though, a person can become both through adaptable behaviors and powerful sales methods and management. Few businesses have the luxury of having specialist sales representatives representing each personality.

Final thoughts

People are divided into two categories in the hunter vs. farmer sales paradigm. Hunters are high-volume gamers focused on bringing in and converting fresh leads to close deals. Farmers grow their ‘field’ of existing clients into higher-value agreements through cultivating relationships. The distinction between hunters and farmers comes down to the purpose they’re pursuing. 

Hunters close deals while farmers keep the consumers they’ve converted. However, this sales model is far more subtle, and as the world of sales continues to grow, it has taken on new meaning. While certain personality types would thrive in either a hunter or a farmer job, we prefer to examine the differences in terms of how each contributes to the sales process in their respective roles.

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