Machinery Tools Applied for excavation

Machinery Tools Applied for excavation

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The type of the excavation equipment to be applied in an excavation project is dependent on the scope of work. Also, the excavation machinery to be used can be utilized for some situations or can be a a specific type which meets the needs of a project at hand. Globally recognized companies such as Corporate website van Adrighem provide their customers with state of the art excavation units that best fits their needs. Below is a description of the equipment applied in the excavation procedures.


The first excavation unit is the backhoe which is a hydraulic excavator with a bucket connected to the hydraulic controlled boom and stick. It is worth noting that during the excavation process, the excavation bucket moves in the downward as well as backward direction.The equipment is ideal for digging projects of all sizes hence a popular machine on many work premises. Some of the down sides of backhoe operations is it requires a properly trained operator otherwise accidents are inevitable, hitting an object, a falling loadand working too near to an edge or uneven grounds can result in injuries. Moreover, some of the best practices when operating a backhoe are wearing a seatbelt, do not use a bucket to carry people, check for blind spots prior to moving among others measures.


The dozer is a large, motorized equipment that travels in continuous tracks and is connected with metal blade to the front section for the purpose of pushing materials such as rubble, sand, soil, rocks in conversion work among other operations. Also, some of the places to mainly find the bulldozers are farms, heavy industry factories, military bases, quarries, mines and so on.Not to mention, the three main categories of bulldozers are wheel bulldozer, crawler bulldozer and the mini bulldozer.

Tandem rollers

The double drum roller is made up of one steel drum in the front as well as one in the back. For its efficient operation, as the two drums move results in movement of the roller. The ideal tandem roller easily matches the frequency along with amplitude of any specific application to accomplish the target densities in the fewest number of passes. The application areas for the double drum rollers arebest suited for either flat or gradual surfaces from parking lots to mainline paving.

Vibratory rollers

The vibratory rollers work through vibrations generated using the shaft inside the wheel in the depth of loose soil which does not exceed 600 millimeters.The number of passes must not be determined by the actual tested site. Also, to achieve better results, certain amounts of moisture usually not more than 10% must be present. The application of this machinery is to crush rock or gravel as well as using it in a construction premise assist in keeping the building structural integrity.

In conclusion, the marketplace offers a variety of tools and machinery that can be utilized in the excavation process. Based on the needs of the construction project, these are the units that can be utilized: backhoe, bulldozers, tandem rollers along with the vibratory rollers.

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