Resume for a foreign company: how to stand out?

Resume for a foreign company: how to stand out?


No matter how good a specialist you are, the employer of your dreams will never know it unless you write a good resume. It is this paper, composed and designed with utmost care, attention and understanding, that will work for you. So you can work for whomever you want.

Hiring managers and employers see hundreds of resumes every day. How do you make sure they pay attention to yours? Write it right. This demonstrates that you are serious about your job search and that you understand the rules of the game. Your resume is sure to be looked at.

Of course there is no universal template or plan, and a lot depends on the profession, position and country where you want to work. But there are a few rules you should always stick to.

What is a resume?

To begin with, you need to understand what a resume is. In CV you should literally describe your life in chronological order, mentioning everything you’ve ever done: in addition to information about education and places of work, it includes school circles, dance studios, own projects – successful and unsuccessful. But when you write a resume, the information should be selected more carefully so that it is directly related to the chosen job.

A resume is written for a specific position

You should show in your resume only those qualities and experience that will be useful in your future position. There is no need to mention your freelance design work if you are applying for a job in business consulting, or that you have taken culinary courses if you are going to work as a programmer.

Don’t think that an employer might be “hooked” by this or that feature of yours that will make you stand out from the rest. On the contrary, the hiring manager will have difficulty gathering a clear image of you. He is primarily looking for a professional in his field who can do the job he is asked to do. If the employer is interested in your skills, however, he will ask you to fill in the “general technical competence” column. Here you should be discreet and write in what you basically know, but haven’t used often enough to list as responsibilities in a past job.

“Key words” should be in moderation

More often than not, the names of the programs and tools you know and the skills you possess serve as keywords. Through autosearch, recruiters find resumes that contain these words. But do not assume that the more “keys” you put in your resume, the more chances you have to get a job. After all, after the HR manager the paper falls into the hands of the employer. He is versed in his field, and if he notices that your skills contradict each other, if he sees the list of all the programs used in the last ten years, or if he realizes that you indicated the tools that are never used for this task, the resume will go to the trash.

Therefore, the set of keywords should be optimal, and on the sheet itself it is better to put it in a separate block or table, so it does not interfere with the perception of more important information – such as your achievements in the previous job.

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