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The Legal Significance of Installing Pool Fencing in Sydney

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Installing pool fencing in Sydney is first and foremost an issue of safety. But, the type of pool fencing you install will also have legal implications. Ensuring compliance with Australia’s pool fencing regulations is every pool owner’s responsibility. 

These regulations are designed to reduce the most common cause of fatality in children under five – accidental drowning. Every year, hundreds of children under the age of five either die or seriously injure themselves in swimming pool accidents. 

Investing in high-quality pool fencing in Sydney may involve some expense, but it’s a vital investment for swimming pool owners. 

Key Legal Obligations of Swimming Pool Owners

All property owners who want to install swimming pools (above/underground pools) need to get pool permits from local authorities. Without these permits, construction or installation of the swimming pool cannot commence. 

While obtaining these pool permits, property owners have to convince local authorities that they’ll meet all legal requirements. The Australian Standard AS1926.1 is legally applicable only to pool owners in the Northern Territory. 

But, the standards prescribed in this document are followed by pool owners and installers across the country. Some pool fence regulations may vary from state to state. But, in general, all swimming pool owners have to adhere to these basic criteria for swimming pool fencing –

Non-Climbable Fencing

The top regions of all pool fencing must be located at least 900 mm away from climbable objects. That means trees, pergolas, furniture items, and other permanent and temporary structures cannot be in your pool fencing’s close vicinity. 

Keeping climbable objects near your swimming pool fence makes it a safety risk for children. Children may climb up trees, chairs, tables, or other tall objects near the fence and jump into the water. Such stunts can easily lead to fatal injuries, especially for children. 

Height Requirements

Your pool fencing in Sydney must be a minimum height of 1200 mm. Bear in mind pool fences sink into the ground over time. If you already own a pool fencing system, check its height every few months. You may need to get your fence raised every few years to meet the height standard. 

CPR Signs

Property owners are now legally obligated to install prominent CPR signs near their pools. Homeowners can custom-create CPR signage for their property. 

No Direct Access

Your swimming pool shouldn’t be directly accessible from any region of your house or building. No door, window, or other outlets should directly lead to the swimming pool area. If your home has windows from which you can directly jump into the pool, fit them with security screens. 

Make sure no one can jump into the pool from these windows. These are the latest pool fencing regulations that apply to pool owners across the country. 


Your pool fencing in Sydney must be constructed from durable materials. Any gaps in your fencing should be less than 100 mm wide. 

Ensuring compliance with these pool-fencing regulations isn’t easy. But, a licensed builder or installer of pool fencing in Sydney will help you meet all these regulations. Find a licensed pool builder/installer to understand and address these important regulations! 

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