What To Do With Yard Waste

What To Do With Yard Waste


There are a lot of things we do around our homes to make things look a little bit nicer, and feel just a little more comfortable. We do the same around our yards. The problem is, all of these tasks create waste. What do we do with all of the yard waste we create in the name of beautification and comfort?

What Is Yard Waste?

Before we begin discussing what we should be doing with our yard waste, it is important to know what counts as yard waste.

All organic matter that gathers around your lawn throughout the year counts. This includes tree trimmings, fallen leaves, and lawn clippings. During the spring, this also includes all of the leaves and debris left behind from the fall, and exposed from the melting snow.

While this material is natural, left unchecked it can pile up and become unsightly and even have some negative impacts on your home such as attracting pests and insects to the area.

Unfortunately, this type of yard waste is not able to just be tossed into the bin with the rest of your household garbage on trash day.

What To Do With This Yard Waste?

First, it is important to make sure you know when you are allowed to place yard waste out for curbside pickup, and how much you are allowed to put out at one single time.

Once you know what limits you are working with, it is important to also make sure you have the proper bags and packaging that your area prefers.

Rake, Pack, Pile

A lot of organic yard waste can be put to the curb in brown paper bags. These are perfect for raking up all of the rouge leaves left behind from fall. However, you may need to buy twine in order to pile and tie up twigs, sticks, and other tree trimmings.

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