3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Smart Energy

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Smart Energy


A recent statement by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted that unless we reduce our carbon emissions by up to 45% within the next ten years, we’re in for major problems.

If we continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, we’ll face ongoing extreme weather that could severely impact our survival.

This mammoth task isn’t possible unless we all do our bit to reduce our energy consumption as much as we can.

Smart energy systems are one way to do this, and they also have several other benefits.

Read on to find out how to save money with smart energy and more reasons why you need to install it in your home ASAP!

What is Smart Energy?

Smart energy refers to any type of renewable, sustainable energy like solar power, natural gas, or wind energy. Yet, it goes a step further than that.

It also involves linking devices to a central control system that helps monitor and regulate the energy-efficiency of each interlinked component.

As such, smart energy has several benefits for homeowners.

1. Smart Energy Helps Reduce Your Energy Bills

If you’re still on the grid, a smart meter can identify which appliances are using the most energy so you can replace or upgrade these to more energy-efficient models.

The system also keeps track of vacant rooms and adjusts your heating accordingly using a smart thermostat. That means your home won’t waste energy heating up unoccupied rooms.

When appliances aren’t used for a specified length of time, your smart system shuts them down. This uses far less energy than appliances that go into standby mode when unused.

2. Smart Energy is Convenient

A truly smart house runs off a central control panel that allows you fingertip access to all your heating and cooling assets.

With an integrated residential comfort control system, you can control everything from your underfloor heating to your air conditioner in an instant.

You can also set these elements on a timer for added convenience. You can have different settings for summer and winter as well as times when you’re out of town.

That means you can conserve energy every minute of the day without any effort or inconvenience at all.

3. Smart Energy is Eco-Friendly

It makes sense that both the above aspects make smart energy systems the ideal choice for a sustainable future. By saving every drop of energy, these innovations are paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The fewer carbon fuels we burn to service our energy needs, the lower our carbon emissions are. Reduced carbon emissions translate into less global warming and fewer severe weather incidents.

One smart home might not make much of a difference. Yet, as this technology evolves and becomes more cost-effective and widespread it could have a major impact on all of us.

A Bright New Future for Homeowners

Smart energy is clearly the way of the future for environmentally and cost-conscious homeowners. Yet, it’s only one of the modern, innovative ways you can make your home a better place.

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