8 Kid's Room Renovation Ideas for 2020

8 Kid’s Room Renovation Ideas for 2020


Is your child outgrowing their toddler bedroom? Is a sibling becoming a new roommate? Or are you just looking to snazz up the kid’s room with the latest design strategies?

Going far beyond your childhood racecar bed, today’s children’s room trends have color, functionality, and creativity that create new categories of bedroom furniture.

Here are some of our favorite kid’s room design ideas.

1. Raised Loft Boarding

Many modern children’s rooms are smaller spaces. Yet kids today have stuffed animals, toys, and clothes that you’ve invested money and sentiment in. It quickly adds up to create a room that appears cluttered and disorganized.

One of the simplest ways to make your child’s room look neat and tidy is to free up space. And one of the best ways to accomplish your goal is to have an organized storage area where items can be safely stored without damage.

Boarding a loft allows you to increase the storage in your attic space. It also creates a barrier to extra heat escaping through your roof. A boarded loft looks more attractive and orderly than a room full of objects.

Unlike traditional loft boarding, raised loft boarding can allow airflow from your eaves to travel throughout your loft. This can prevent problems with moisture, which can harm whatever your storing. Check here for a better understanding.

2. A Multi-Functional Desk Space

Today’s kids are using their home desks for so much more than homework. They could be learning remotely and keeping things like textbooks and binders at the ready. Modern learners may also want to relax and take frequent breaks in their space.

Carefully designed work stations will make kids eager to get learning. Make sure there are fresh writing utensils, craft supplies, and necessary books along with a computer and headphones. Some of these items may need to be replenished frequently, especially with younger students.

Remember that your little learner could be sitting in their school space for up to six hours a day. If your child seems to be straining, you can raise their seating so they can reach their mouse and keyboard better. Cushions also work well.

A dry-erase calendar and cork board can also help your pupil stay organized. And it will keep them in the right frame of mind while they’re in the working part of their bedroom.

3. Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are a beautiful way to create space in your child’s room. They give them a feeling of comfort and relaxation without taking up room on the floor. It’s also a great way to make sure the seating area stays in the same spot!

Today’s hanging chairs are safe and comfortable. Their very design invites your child to curl up with a journal or a good book after a long day.

4. Keep It Separate

While many siblings share rooms, they don’t always need to be in one another’s space.

A curtain or screen is often a comfortable way to keep rooms separated into distinct spaces. You can even encourage them to pick out different sheet sets or comforters. That way, kids will get a sense of privacy even while they live together.

5. Chalkboard Wall

Maybe you have a particularly creative or energetic child. Maybe your child has graced your walls more than once with the magic of their artistic talent.

Channel their creativity in a positive way by using a wall in their room as a chalkboard. Make sure they have a steady supply of colorful chalk to use to their heart’s content. A chalkboard wall can also be used to write notes and reminders to kids.

6. Paint Old Furniture

You may wish you could refurnish your child’s room, but not have the means to go out shopping for new fixtures.

This is a great opportunity to look for quality, used finds on buy/sell groups or garage sales. You can sand, prime, paint, and protect it, and have it looking like new in no time!

If your kids are a bit older, you can even get them in on the fun. Take everyone outside on a warm day to paint their furniture in old clothes.

7. Lighting Fun

Keeping your child’s room well-lit can involve so much more than a traditional lampstand and shade. Today, string lamps and ceiling fixtures with creative designs can make turning on and off the lights quite the adventure for kids.

Consider petal designs or even playful hanging lanterns. Allow your kids to help you pick out colors and shapes for maximum fun.

8. Build It In

Today’s beds, cabinetry, and desks don’t need to be purchased separately and sticking out into the middle of the room. Many modern designs involve building them securely into the wall so they blend in with the decor and give the room more openness.

Built-in furnishings also allow for the creation of extra spaces to hide out, such as a reading nook or storage space. They may the whole room seem more organic and pulled together.

Before investing in built-in furnishings, however, you’ll want to be sure that your children plan on using the room as it is for several years. You won’t want to go to the work and expenditure of refurbishing the room from the walls out after only a short period of time.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Kid’s Room

Today’s design ideas for children’s rooms have so much potential. With a little creativity and a lot of love, you could have a stylish, functional kid’s room that your child will love to call their own!

Don’t stop getting home-savvy now. For more great advice on complete home improvement, read our blog today.

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