Benefits Of Waterproofing

Benefits Of Waterproofing

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Waterproofing is a process of making an object or structure water-resistant. It assures that there is no intrusion of moisture in the concrete. Waterproofing concrete is highly essential at below-grade areas to protect the space from the water intrusion that could lead to structural damages in the area.

Waterproofing in Camden Valley

Waterproofing and damp-proofing services in Camden Valley and Bexley are very important. In Camden Valley, the low-lying areas that are near lakes, swamps, flood plains, etc. where water table is high are in quite an abundance. In this area, there exists a lot of concomitant water pressure that can lead to waterborne troubles on a wider scale. Even the water level is rising in the lakes and rivers which may result in the problem of damping in the concrete and concrete masonry units present in these areas.

Why is Waterproofing Required?

Waterproofing in Camden Valley and Bexley is required at below-grade concrete surface for the following reasons:

●      Structural Damage

It is important to safeguard the structural contents from the infiltration of water as it could damage the concrete or start eroding the embedded steel. Waterproofing does cost but if the structural damage occurs the expenses will be very high. Concrete is porous material and thus water can seep in through the cracks, structural defects or the improper designs and installed joints. It happens due to water vapour gradient hydrostatic pressure or capillary action. In this case, the structure worsens, and the quality of concrete deteriorates. The value of the building goes down and in case if there is a need for valuation of the property, the feedback will be poor.

●      Exterior and Interior Chemical

Waterproofing is also required as concrete is highly porous and can easily absorb the chemicals that are present in the building site. This is not good for the air at the concrete on site as it will result in chemical reactions. Even people living in the buildings can get adversely affected by these chemicals. Waterproofing keeps the chemicals away from seeping in the concrete and adds to its life.

●      Mould and Fungus Build Up

If there is water seepage and dampness in the area, there are strong chances that moulds and fungus will build up there. This will adversely affect the quality of air in the area and lead to various health issues. Therefore, waterproofing is important not only for prevention to the structure, building, and furniture but also for health reasons. If the property is waterproofed and there is no moisture, it gets more comfortable to live in the space.

Waterproofing is required to protect the structure. Professionals who have expertise in the field should always do Waterproofing In Bexley at the initial level, itself with the required state-of-art facility and equipment to accomplish the task of waterproofing. They need to install the system on the positive side of the hydrostatic pressure in the structure. Before the waterproofing processes, the concrete surface should be made free of honeycombs, depressions, fine, holes, humps, dust, oil, dirt and any other contamination so that waterproofing lasts for long. Experts who have experience and have done the task of waterproofing in many buildings can provide these services with complete expertise.

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