Color Cues: What Is the Most Relaxing Paint Color for a Bedroom?

Color Cues: What Is the Most Relaxing Paint Color for a Bedroom?

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What’s your favorite color?

While you’re considering paint colors for each room in your home, you may be inclined to stick with your favorite hue. But is it a color that’s conducive to rest, relaxation, and sleep?

Obviously, you’ll want to choose a relaxing paint color for your bedroom. How do you do that though?

Choosing a Relaxing Paint Color

You don’t need to have a degree in art or a deep understanding of color theory. Just know that certain colors promote a sense of calm and peace, while others can excite and invigorate the senses. (You can save those for the dining room or the kitchen.)

Stick with the softer and more subtle colors for your bedroom. After all, a calm bedroom helps you sleep. So when you’re looking for the best color to paint a bedroom for relaxation, consider the following:

Blues Reign Supreme

If blue happens to be your favorite color, then you’re in luck. It’s easily the best color to paint a bedroom for relaxation. There is a caveat, however.

Lighter hues like sky blue and baby blue are beautiful choices. Royal blue and midnight blue – evocative of the night sky – are also great picks.

But keep in mind that blue comes in a wide array of hues. So you’ll want to avoid the brighter and bolder blues such as cerulean, lapis lazuli, or cobalt. While beautiful colors, they can be a bit too much for the bedroom.

Purple Brings Peace

A deep purple shade such as eggplant will not only give your walls richness and dimension, but it will also make the bedroom darker when it comes time to sleep.

Even so, two of the top choices for relaxing paint colors are lavender and lilac. Each of these much paler purples seems to evoke a sense of calm and ease. This is particularly the case if the shade you choose has grey undertones.

Speaking of grey…

Settle in With Grey

The wonderful thing about grey is its neutrality. A dark slate grey offers a sense of solidity and security. Lighter grey is uplifting without being energizing.

Because grey is so versatile, it allows you to still showcase your favorite non-relaxing colors in the form of linens, pillows, accent chairs, or artwork.

Relax With Dark Green

Most shades of green don’t make the cut when it comes to calming paint colors. The color green is representative of life and bounty. As such, it’s energizing. Imagine a bedroom painted lime green, for instance.

The exception to this is dark forest green. This shade that makes you feel like you’re deep in the woods is an inherently calming hue.

Keep Reds, Oranges, and Yellows Pale

Reds, oranges, and yellows are the most lively colors. But if you’re insisting upon any one of them, stick with a very light shade. A pale buttery yellow or a red that’s been distilled to a rosy-hued blush can be lovely and calming.

Ready to Paint?

Picking the most relaxing paint color for your bedroom needn’t be a source of stress.

Simply keep the above information in mind as you explore different paint options. Then mix in your own personal style, and you’re bound to find the perfect solution.

Sleep well!

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