How to Hardwire a Wireless Security Camera


Wireless security cameras are getting advanced. But, wired security systems have some benefits. A wireless security system may fail to connect to the wi-fi. Moreover, wireless security cameras run on batteries. So, you may have to change their batteries within months.

Hence, you need to hardwire your wireless security cameras. Apart from that wireless security cameras also need hardwiring. A wireless camera requires a power source. Moeover, you just have to wire these cameras to its DVR or the computer. This article will discuss both ways to hardwire your wireless security camera.

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How To Hardwire A Wireless Security Camera

Step One

You should reset your security camera. Some security cameras have reset buttons (at the bottom). Now, you have to reset it. You can use a clip or hard thing to reset it. Resetting means all the information in the cameras will be deleted. So, you can hardwire your cameras.

Step Two

Now, you have to measure the connection source. Your security cameras need an internet connection to run. Hence, you have to connect them. Here, you have to connect to the router. So, you have to buy an Ethernet cable. You should measure the distance between the router and your security cameras. Then, you can connect the Ethernet cable to the cameras.If you have more than one camera, then you have to channelize these cameras. In that case, you can use BNC or RCA connectors.

Step Three

Now, you have to test the camera signal. If your computer shows a clear picture, then you have successfully hardwired your wireless cameras.

How To Hardwire a Wireless Security Camera’s DVR

Step One

Your wireless security cameras need to record the videos. Hence, they need a DVR and a PC connection. If you don’t hardwire these connections properly, then the security cameras won’t work. You need a DVR, one TB or more hard drive, a TV or a PC, BNC or RCA connectors, and BNC or RCA adapters.

Step Two

Most of the DVR can be connected to the TV. So, you don’t require a PC. But if you want to connect your wireless security cameras to the PC, then you need DVR that is PC based. A computer has a PCI slot. You can use this slot to install a DVR on your PC. So, you require proper cables and adapters to connect your PC. For DVRs, you can use Siamese cable. It would be easy for you to connect one end of the cable to your camera and the other end to your DVR. You can use BNC or RCA adapters to do it more accurately.

Step Three

Now, your wireless cameras are hardwired to the DVR. After this, you just have to connect your DVR to your wi-fi router. You can also connect it with a wire. But, your wires should be compatible. If you see clear and consistent CCTV footage, then your connection is successful. In reality, DVR comes with a wired connection. Hence, you need to set it up. The above article discussed two ways to hardwire your wireless security cameras. Firstly, you can know – how to completely hardwire wireless security cameras. Secondly, you can know – how to hardwire a DVR connection.

You need proper cables and the right equipment to set up the connections. Moreover, you shouldn’t mount your cameras before connecting them. Because this may create some confusion. Apart from that, you should know your router’s wi-fi coverage area. If you install your wireless cameras beyond your wi-fi range, then your cameras won’t work. Hence, keep all the above factors in your head before hardwiring your wireless security cameras.

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