These Are the Common Signs You Have Termites in Your Home

These Are the Common Signs You Have Termites in Your Home

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Do you know how to tell if you have termites? Did you know that termites never sleep? They work 24/7. If you’re seeing signs of termites in your home, you’ll want to act as quickly as they do.

If you’re unfamiliar with the damage termites can do, try to take notice of 8 signs you have termites in your home before they do unsurmountable damage.

They are often called the “silent destroyer” because they chew through wood, flooring, wallpaper, destroying your home from the foundation on up.

8 Signs You Have Termites

Termites are a problem in nearly every state in the country. Keep yourself ahead of a problem by looking out for termite signs in your home.

1. Wood Damage

Since termites’ main activity is eating through the wood in a home, you may notice wood damage. This type of damage is often found during a home remodel when the interior of the walls are exposed.

2. Swarm of Termites

When male and female termites reach maturity, they leave the nest to create their own colonies. These adults have wings and are often confused for flying ants. If you see a swarm, a professional can tell you if they’re termites or not.

3. Mud Tubes

If you notice small mud tubes where the ground and the foundation of your house meet, these may be tunnels the termites use to block out cool, dry air so they can create a humid environment in which they can survive and thrive.

4. Clicking Sound in Walls

Termites are noisy eaters. If you are close enough to where they are eating, you can hear them munching on wood. Other termite noises come when the colony is disturbed. Soldier termites bang their heads or shake their bodies to warn the other termites of danger.

5. Droppings

If you see something that looks like a pile of salt and pepper in odd places around your home, it may be termite feces or frass.

6. Blistered Wood Flooring

If termites are feeding within or below your wood floors, you may find some blistering or what appears to be water damage in your hardwood flooring.

7. Discarded Wings

When termites swarm, they shed their wings before going to a new nesting site. Even if you miss the swarm, you will probably notice an abundance of discarded wings in spider webs, on floors, or on windowsills.

8. Tight Doors and Windows

Doors and windows swell with hot, damp weather, but tight windows and doors might also mean you have termites. When these insects eat and tunnel through your doors and window frames, they produce moisture that in turn causes the wood to warp.

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Do I Have Termites?

If you’re wondering if you have termites in your home, it’s important to be aware of the 8 signs you have termites. Call a professional to take a look to prevent any further damage.

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